You're The Best Thing That's Ever Being Mine

fOr dear crUsh~

This is for someone speacial and I hope you feel the same way.. :')

I hung up the phone tonight,
Something happened for the first time,
Deep inside it was a rush,what a rush..
Cause the possibility that you would ever feel the same way about me,
It's just to much,just to much...

Why do I keep running from the truth,
All I ever think about is you,
You got me hypnotized,
So mesmerized,and I just got to know..

Do you ever think,
When you're all alone,
All that we can be,
Where this thing can go,
Am I crazy or falling in love,
It is really just another crush..

Do you catch a breath,
When I look at you,
Are you holding back,
Like the way I do,
Cause I'm trying,trying to walk away,
But I know this crush ain't going away,
Going away....

Has it ever crossed your mind when we were hanging spending time boy,
Are we just friends,
Is there more,is there more..

See it's a chance we've gotta take,
Cause I believe we can make this into,
Something that will last,last forever..

HaPpy BirthDay apEk!! ~ :D

Happy birthday... Happy birthday... Happy birtday... 
ouh...E Zeng sudah tua..!hehe.. ouh ya Mr.Lim.. i'm want say sorry... this year did'nt have any present for you because I x sempat nak prepare apa-apa untuk you laa...i will give for the next year...hahah.. so,di sebabkan I tidak ada hadiah nak di beri,then I update my blog just for you.. :D bukan semua orang tahu I punya blog then you should say thanks because you tahu link blog I..hew3..diam2 taw! jangan bagitahu sesiapa you ada link blog I..I MALU nanti lagi2 sama Mr.Tan.. -..- 

By the way,,dalam coretan ini I nak say thanks jugak sama you because you sudah banyak tolong I..ouh I tak tahu mahu balas apa budi baik you.. walaupun kawan2 kata you SANGAT kedekut tapi I rasa you tak kedekut sama I..lagipun,I baru saje kenal sama you kan??then I pun tak pernah satu kelas sama you..hehe..tak ape laa..maybe you tak kedekut sama I saja..haha... joking..! ><

First time I berkawan sama chinese..before this,I tak pernah ada kawan chinese..then I rasa,you all baik and so nice..biasa lah kan,manusia ni bukan semua baik dan bukan semua perfect..but,I respect you all lah.. :) 
kita semua sama saja,melayu,india or cina semua sama..ada yang baik dan ada juga yang tak baik..betol tak??? :)

eh Mr.Lim...ini kek kan,I bagi sama you..cantik tak?? I buat taw! you kene makan seorang jangan share sama orang lain even dengan Mr.Tan taw! hahah..
joking laa..I tak sempat laa nak beli kek untuk you so post di sini saje meh?? >< then I pun ada hadiah untuk you tapi I post di sini saja okayh?? :D

ya! this is for you..mahal taw I beli ni...bukan senang nak dapat kucing banyak colour like this.. :D  you jaga dengan kasih dan sayang taw!! >< 

okayh laa Mr.Lim.. I doakan you bahagia sama 'dia'.. hahha...I pun harap you always sucsess in you tahu tak,ketika I taip ini untuk you,Mr.Tan dan kawan2 yang lain sedang celebrate you punya birthday.. :) 
lastly..I harap...our friendship will be forever sampai ke tua..haha... :D

hahaha,,,ini picture kan,..I,you dan Mr.Tan... >< 
joking laa... okayh laa..sampai sini saje coretan sempena birthday you laa apekk.. :P wink3! ;)